Sawzall? What On Earth Is That?!?

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Have you ever heard of a sawzall? No? Well, you actually probably have but just referred to as another name.

Another word for sawzall is a reciprocating saw. This is more of the old-fashioned term, that people on construction sites are going to be using much anymore.

The reason that people started to call them a sawzall is because they can truly saw all. There isn’t much that modern sawzalls can’t saw through. It’s truly miraculous, especially considering that the more popular ones are cordless. You would think that something that needed that much torque would have to be plugged into a generator. Well, that’s actually not the case.

Having a cordless sawzall is going to give you the flexibility to work on any project whether it’s inside or outside. You’re also not going to be confined to a small space such as a garage or basement. If you want to do the work directly in the room, all you have to do is bring your power tool in their and are able to work freely.

There’s a reason that sawzalls have become so popular. It’s because more and more people are doing do-it-yourself projects. As confidence has risen in people’s abilities to do do-it-yourself projects, more more people are beginning to do old-fashioned woodworking. As you know, doing woodworking requires that you have a sawzall on hand. Now, having a sawzall isn’t going to replace needing finer tools such as a jigsaw, but it’s great to have if you’re going to be doing large cuts.

Having a sawzall is one of the more practical power tools that a person can have. As a reason other featured in most combo power toolsets. If you’re going to be purchasing a nice sawzall, we recommend that you get either a Milwaukee sawzall or a Dewalt sawzall. You really can’t go wrong with either of those brands.